Hey there. Been a while since i updated. The day before our gig. Which went well by the way, well i thought it did. And we got good feedback too. Really had a good night. We also sold cd's there, making £112 from sales. This pleased me alot :D Getting money from doing something that i would happily do for no charge anyway just makes it seem even better. The band hasn't really been doing much since that gig. We have had one band practice since, which went very well. 3 new songs came out of it. One of them we all really like. It's just one of those songs that make you feel... good. We were going to have a practice today, but thats been called off. MY FAULT

Yesterday I stayed at Joe's with Lucii and Kate. And Joe too obviously. We decided to have a curry for dinner, which sounded fine to me. I'm not really too fussy what i eat, as long as i don't find it revolting, I'll eat it. So after about 4 hours of planning this meal, and finally getting it ready, we started to eat. All was well. Until I attempted to eat some curry, and Joe did something funny. I inhaled a large piece of chicken, and it wouldn't budge. I straight away ran to get some water to try and swallow it. This just made things worse, it was quite definitely stuck in my throat, and was not budging. This is where i started to panic and found it harder to breathe. At 1st everyone was laughing, because of the noise i made when i 1st tried to swallow the chicken. I'll admit, it was a hillarious sound. Soon enough Joe's parents had realised something was going on and Lisa (Joe's mum) saw that i was choking. Luckily for me she's been a nurse for 21 years, and straight away took control of the situation. She grabbed me and took me to the toilet. Trying to get me to cough up the chicken. Then realised it was serious and told Gary (Joe's dad) to call an ambulance, and Joe to call my mum. I just kept choking and choking and nothing was coming out. I was heaving and struggling to breathe. This had put alot of strain on my face xD and it seems like some blood vessels had burst. This is the bit that really scared me. When i saw blood. Luckily Lisa was still there telling me the blood was from my nose and it was nothing to worry about. The ambulance was on it's way, as i was still choking and coughing. Pretty much as soon as the paramedics walked in the door, somehow the chicken piece got dislodged and fell out. Leaving me all shaken up, and with an increadible head ache. One hell of a day for me. But all was well afterwards. It was only later that night when i started to get a head ache again. But i didnt really take much notice of it, and managed to get to sleep. It was when i woke up this morning when felt how bad the head ache was. It must be the worst pain i've felt in a long time. I still have a little bit of a head ache, but tablets have helped me out :]

Other than that. Everything has been a bit boring and slow. But nicely chilled. I've started exams. And almost finished them, I only have three left. I feel quite confident about the ones i've already taken. But i'm sure the ones i've still go will be just as good. I finish school on the 16th of June. But not many of the school days i have left really include many lessons i still need to attend. So i'm not going to school as much anymore xD. Infact it's actually quite scary how close I am to leaving school. But still kind of exciting.

Thats all i have to say today. Hopefully i'll update soon. I've still been reading everyone else's posts. But i just havent been bothered to post one of my own.

Byess :D
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Hey thar!

Hey. Suppose it's time for an update. You'll probably get another one tomorrow anyway as thats when i planned to do this. But i've got strict orders to update now. So here goes.

It's all been band band band recently. Crazy times. I've been playing the bass so much this week my finger tips are solid. But feel like they will explode. So i hope i should be able to survive tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. And i'm sure it go well. As long as my fingers last. But yeah. I'm sure it'll be fine ^^
Got another few songs recorded yesterday. Which are going onto the cd. And we'll be selling them tomorrow at the gig. £3 a CD with 7 tracks. One of which i play the drums to. I think we called it vans.
Anyway. I'm quite excited. But also quite nervous but thats to be expected. I think everyone else is coping fine. And our band practice today went perfectly so there aren't any doubts at the moment.

Thats all thats really happened. Nothing on the Alex front.
Oh I finished the Full Metal Alchemist series again. 51 episodes in 5 days ;D
It's just so epic!
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I've been told to do this update =o
aha :]

Not much has been happening since the last entry to be honest. The band thing seems to be getting a little awkward and panicy. It used to be alot more relaxed. And we'd joke about alot. Now it seems to be "WE NEED TO GET THIS SONG DONE. LETS DO IT TONIGHT NO MESSING AROUND!". I actually broke a sweat at the last band practice.
We have another one next week. Then we're squeezing another 2 in in the week of our gig. Along with a recording session again. It's going to be a extremely stressy, nervous and hectic week. -_-"

Otherwise nothing has been happening. It's the easter holidays. Did really do anything for easter. I've just been chilling out and relaxing.

Oh one thing i suppose. The Alex situation has gotten worse. She's just completely ignored me now. And won't talk to me. So i suppose i'll do the same :] I'll just leave her alone. Let her do what she wants for a bit. And i'll do what i want.

I've been talking to an American girl called Katie that i met online. On a hillarious online teen dating site. haha. It's so crap its funny. I went on just joking around. And met Katie who is absoloutly brilliant :] Been staying up till around 2-3am talking to her though. But still haven't been tired in the day time. Strange. Ever since the easter holidays have started i've just been wanting to get up early. But i've been trying my hardest to lie in and it's pointless. I just lie in my bed, awake from about 8 to 10.

Thats all for now
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(no subject)

Just gunna write

It's got recordings and gander date. And details.

only got 4 songs recorded.

I don't feel that great.

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Unwanted 4

Hey. Just let people know i'm not feeling ill anymore.

And i don't generally feel bad anymore. I still have moments. But it's better

I still have a massive unwanted feeling from Alex. And i keep seeing how she "prefers" Tom. That pisses me off.

Just a quickie today.


Oh yeah. We're going to be recording a demo album soon. It's costing us £50 for two hours of recording time. We think we'll get about 7 songs on there. Should be good, I'll let you guys know how it goes.
And we've got a gig. The Gander. 30th of april. Be there.
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Unwanted 3

I'm ill today. And have been at home. It's probably not necessary but i really don't feel great at all.

I texted Alex the other day, asking why we don't talk anymore, and quoted a text which said she thought i was her best friend and she couldn't afford to lose me. So she agreed we should start talking.
So i've really been trying to get conversations going, but all her replies are stupid, only one word answers or something. It's fucking annoying. It's as if she's only talking to me because i asked her to. Which really isn't what i want. But now I can't let it go. Just the idea of us starting to get close again is so amazing i can't let it slip. It's horrible. I just want her to be talking to me, because she has an interested on how i'm feeling. What i'm up to. But the only person who seems to be getting her attention. Is Tom.

That makes me feel 1stly really jealous. And really pissed off. I wouldn't be overly bothered if it was some other guy i didnt know. But it's not. It's tom.

I've just genreally noticed less interested in me by other people aswell. Lucy hardly talks to me anymore. Joe spends more times with Lucii. Everyone that hangs out with me and Joe. Prefers Joe.

I get stupid images of the future alot. I know it's really sad stuff. But I do. I can sometimes picture myself in my own apartment. Cuddled up with Alex. Watching the nightmare before christmas. It was in a dream of mine today. Alex was pregnant.

I find myself doing lots of stupid things like watching films. Just to bring back memories. I watched Curious George today. Which is a kick ass film btw. But i only really watched it to remember when me and Alex came back here and we were upstairs. Just a memory of holding her is good enough. I'm fucking obsessed.

I'm going to leave it at that for this entry. Or I'm going to start really rambling on and it'll just be a pointless entry.

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Unwanted 2

So. It's Comic relief again. With all the stupid music and comedy. All the same clips show again and again. But i'm not even thinking about that much. Still feeling unwanted.
I feel like more of the people that i used to talk to so much. I don't talk to anymore. I've started talking to Tom Britten again though. Don't know if that's good or not.

I saw Franz Ferdinand on monday night. I'll just say It was AMAZING because i'm tired and can't be bothered to go into much detail.

I had my own gig on wednesday. It went ok. We decided that dad wouldn't bother coming because it looked as if there were no seats and it would of been awkward for him. Mum didn't come because it'd mean she'd be by herself all night. And Ashley couldn't come because of the amount of time he had between coming back from Adele's and getting to Germany. Vicky didn't come because. I don't know. But anyway. Dad could of came because there were seats in the end. Which means mum could of also come because she wouldn't of been alone. But anyway. The gig went ok. We lasted about 30 minutes. Which was the target. Performing all nine of our own songs. And one "Whoreka" cover called 'Auntie John'. That went ok since we hadn't rehearsed it in such a long time. After the gig i got plenty of compliments about the bass, even though i know i messed up plenty of times. Everyone seemed to like the music and enjoyed the sound because it's "different, fresh and original". This made me happy. I then stuck around to see "Looking Through Glass" Play. This is the band we were supporting. They were extremely good. And after they finished playing, they said they liked our set. And said we should do it again sometime. I'm definitely up for it.

I wish more people would talk to me.
I'm going to start writing a private diary as well now, so every secret won't go missed or forgotten because my memory is getting so bad.

I still intend on writing a song. If i do. It will be good.

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I hate the feeling. Not wanted. Not cared about.
I know people are there, and people to worry about me. But I take those people for granted. And I shouldn't. I always get myself to focus on the other people I want to love me back, that don't. I feel bad. Feel stupid for forget about those people. Thank you if you read this. And you care about what I'm doing, and how i am feeling. Recently I've found myself alone, and thinking about these people that do love me. I just read a blog, and one entry was titled "Friends vs Acquaintances" and it talked about how sometimes the acquaintances you have are actually better friends than the people who you care about so much, and do so much for. I found that to be true the other day. When i was alone, and i was scared. Lucii called me. And she just talked to me until i felt better. Lucii. Of all the people i would of wanted to call me. She was the best person. Not thinking about her in the 1st place makes me feel stupid. She was fantastic, and I'll never forget that conversation. If she ever reads this. Thanks.

Music has seems to become more important to me each day. Every song I listen to now, I will listen to again, just so I can take in every lyric sang, every bass note played. Every slight variation of a chord. Music is the most amazing thing in the world. If you can even imagine a world without music. I think you should re think your life.

My band has got a gig on wednesday. If you live anywhere near Christchurch, and you are 16+ then please come along. It's the "Thomas Tripp Late n' Live" Doors open at 8. It's our 1st gig. We're supporting a band called "Looking Through Glass". They're really good, the lead man is "The Music Man" at school. Dave. He asked us if we could make it. And we took up the opportunity. It's going to be hard though. Dave asked us to play 40 minutes. Which we actually cannot do. So we got it down to 30 minutes. Even this will be hard. We haven't even been together for half a year yet. I don't think. But it'll all go ok i hope.

tomorrow I head off for london. I'm going to see Franz Ferdinand live. I'm not a particularly big fan. But the ticket was offered to me for free. So I'm not going to pass it up.

That's all i feel like writing now.

I want to write a song.
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A Quickie

Just a quick update

Went to oxford on Tuesday, came back today. Twas quite nice, very peaceful. Just me, my sister, Mum and dad.
On thursday, my 8 year old cousin was dropped off, and he is staying at my Gran and Grandad's house until saturday. He really doesn't shut up. We were made to take him to the reservoir when me and Vicky went to take pictures of the sunset. It was quite a long walk down there in the 1st place, and then when we got there he wouldn't stop messing around. Then we decided it was time to go back, after taking pointless pictures of clouds infront of the sunset that we couldn't see. And he started to complain he couldn't walk. So i had to pick him up and carry him. Which was quite awkward. He was saying "I'm only three stone". I think he is also a liar. After i while i couldn't be bothered to carry him anymore, so it was Vicky's turn. And we kept taking it in turns until we just gave up and called mother to pick us up. She complained.

Anyway, it was still quite nice to get away from things. It's nice to have a change.

Now i'm home, fantastic to be talking to people again. ESPECIALLY LUCY ;) ;)

Thats all. I'll go into detail later when i'm not so tired.
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