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Hello again. It's been a long time since i've updated again. Unfortunately, i've not really got anything to write about either. I guess i'll just tell you what's different since the last time i've updated.
The biggest change is 6th form. I'm not really doing so.. great at the moment. I'm just getting extremely lazy, and don't put the effort into my work. Well, not enough effort. I just don't have any interest in the subjects i'm doing. I used to enjoy Music and Biology. But i don't do Biology anymore, as i actually wasn't smart enough to do it, and music has become incredibly boring. iMedia has always been boring, but this year it's even worse.
I just don't have the motivation to do well anymore.
I'd rather get a job, start earning money, and start doing things i want to. Like learning to drive a motorbike x). And buy one of course.
At the moment i don't really do anything. Spend most of my time at James' house, on the xbox, or on my laptop. And i don't do anything else. I'm getting bored.
Sorry it's only a short post.

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