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About time

My god. I was intending on updating ages ago, but as usual just never got round to it. But it's late, i'm still not very tired. So i may as well do it now

The most important thing that happened since last time is that 6th form (College) started. It's much harder than I thought it was going to be D: The Music and iMedia isn't too bad at all, i can handle that. But it's the Biology that's bad. There's just so much to learn. So much to remember, so many notes to take, so many diagrams to draw. And soon enough we're going to start writing essays, and i've got a feeling there are going to be many of them too. Although it is hard work, it's extremely interesting. It's amazing, things that are so tiny, are so complex. There are so many organelles in one cell. Then to think there are zillions, billions, millions, what ever, loads of cells for one person. We've been studying Plants and Water with one teacher, and Cells with another. There are way too many things to learn about just water it's unbelievable. And rather boring. The plant side is more interesting. We've been looking at the phloem, xylem, source, sink, and other things like transpiration, translocation. But learning about cells has been the most interesting so far. Even just studying the membrane for a cell, there is so much to learn. Even though I make the subject sound great. It's just... hard. Maybe too hard for me. I don't know. I intend on sticking at it though and really trying to remember everything, and actually put effort into it.
So far iMedia hasn't been too interesting at all, just studying things like copyright and how to present proposals for contracts. But the next module is on photography which sounds alot more interesting. Even iMedia is harder than i thought it'd be. But it's manageable.
Music is also very interesting. Not as much about actually playing music, more of the industry. And the sound engineering side. Still as I said, interesting.

Moving on from the 6th form subject, I've been ill recently. It wasn't bad at all, only lasted for a week. But i completely lost my voice at one point. And just felt horrible. But that's all clearing up now, and even though i seem to loose my voice a bit every now and then, it's definitely starting to clear up ;D But it's really just brought me down. Ever since the summer holidays I've been going out alot, just doing things rather than sitting indoors. But being ill i've been forced to stay inside. Well I say forced but I really mean told to stay inside. But I miss going out. And it's only been a week. But i'm going out tomorrow. Looking forward to it ;D

Another thing, I've rekindled my love for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. I'm tempted to read his biography again. Or maybe buy another biography. I really am just fascinated by his life. Even though it is very sad, it's just... amazing.

And the last thing is about someone I met online. Her name is Kristi. And she's just awesome ;D I've been talking to her for about 2 months now. The time has just flown by. But I really like her. Y'know, really really like her ;) But it just seems weird because she lives far away. And i'm young, and I don't have money. So i'm not able to go visit her or anything. So even though I know it's pointless to have an attraction to her I still do. She says she feels the same way back. But it's all just weird. I love talking to her though. Just brings a smile to my face everytime we talk ;D

I lied, that's not that last thing. This is though, I promise ;) I've been trying to sing. I have a bad singing voice, and it's often out of tune. But i've really been trying D: So I decided to be able to hear how bad I actually am, I've been recording myself doing covers. I've only done two Nirvana songs. And it's going ok. It's not good. But it's not as bad as some other people I've heard sing as well. So I'm not too annoyed about it. It can only get better ;D

Anyway, I suppose it's time to go, and i really should try and get some sleep. Even though I know I'm going to lie awake for another hour atleast. So goodnight


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