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It's late

It's early in the morning. And i've just finished watching a film. I was about to turn the laptop off. But found winamp was still running. And saw Gorillaz in the playlist. I can't resist some Gorillaz.
The laptop is new by the way. Fucking love it. Got it for my birthday. Which was fun by the way. I had a good actual birthday. And fun partys too.

Not much has changed since the last update. The band is still in a rut atm. I don't know what's happening. One thing that happened is i got in my GCSE results. And unfortunatly. Didn't do that well
I got lots of C's, 1 E in Catering but i don't care about that. D in R.E And 1 B. That was in Biology. Meaning Music was a C. Which i'm dissapointed about. But i'll get over it

More importantly. I've been talking to lexi again :)
She's broken up with Tom. And even though i now feel bad about it. It's great to talk to her again. I'm meeting up with her on Sunday. Just to cheer her up. I doubt anything will even happen between us. But the fact i'm spending time with her is good enough for me. We're having a picnic. Because thats one of the many things that make her happy. :) It's making me happy too.

Another thing i'm going to mention is my music taste. It seems to of changed alot. I'm really into Dubstep. It's a genre of music. Just... really heavy bass line. Fucking awesome. And i'm also really into the Gorillaz now. They're just brilliant. Mixing rap in a bit too. Fucking immense mayteee. I think i'm inlove with the song All Alone - Gorillaz. It really is amazing. Don't even know why. I just love it.

Well I'm glad I've updated. But i don't want to stop typing yet. Because the song isn't over. I guess i'll just keep typing as if I'm talking. And ranting... I'm really looking forward to meet with Lexi. It's sunday. :D Should just be a laugh. I am definitely looking forward to it :)

You know what. I might read through some old entries anyway. So i'm off

Goodnight Everyone.

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