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I've been so bored recently. There's just nothing to do. Well. Nothing fun to do. And everyone else seems to be too busy to talk to me now. I talk to people that I used to talk to all the time. And they will do the standard "hey how're you", and then that'll be it. I haven't had a good long conversation for a while. And Morgan that I used to talk to alot went on a trip. And came back the other day. She said hi. Then went again. And hasn't been online since. Erugh. Someone have a decent conversation with me please D:

Went to see Perfect Alibi the other night. They're were really good. Much better than I actually expected them to be. Just turned out to be a really enjoyable night. That seems to be the only big thing that's happened recently. I suppose it's because I don't have any money to do anything with. I can't wait to start College.

I'll finally be getting some money in. And then i'll just have something to do. Even if it is studying. But hey at least I'll be studying stuff that I enjoy. And then when I'm not studying i'll have some money to do something fun with. :D Ah fun. I miss you.

It used to be the band, that kept me from dying of bordem. But even that seems to of taken a turn for the worse. It's suprisingly Joe thats the biggest dissapointment at the moment. He just seems as if he can't be bothered anymore. We have a gig this sunday. And i texted joe asking when our band practice was going to be because he said he was going to book it. And i got a reply saying. "We're not doing band practice because we have work. Well I do anyway" which is bollocks. He doesn't work everyday of the week. He did the same with the prom. And Weymouth. I wanted to stay over night in weymouth. And it was all planned. Until he suddenly decided two days before we left that he wasn't going to stay. Because he had work. He didn't have work the next day. But guess who did. His girlfriend Lucii. For the prom we were going to play, then he suddenly decided that we wern't going to play, again about a week before, because he said he wanted to "enjoy" it and be the audience for once. Again. I wonder where he got that idea from. Lucii. I can even picture her saying it. "Well, why don't you just not play this time." It's so fucking anoying. And now if the gig is bad on sunday. It'll be because we haven't practiced since the weymouth gig. And i expect it's because the days off he has, he wants to be with Lucii. And he was the one saying that he wanted to get rid of Mils because he didn't have any effort with the band. And no determination. It's just bullshit. It really annoys me that she can be that much of an influence on him.

We have another gig as well, on the 21st of August. I wonder if we'll practice before then. I know that when we do as well joe will be saying "ohh i'm really looking forward to this practice!". Then he'll just end up all annoyed at the end of the night because Mils isn't good enough for him.

Ugh. Yeah, i'm off. Still got nothing to do though.

Byes ;D

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